NILVA Cellar
NILVA cellar is located in a joined building to the Edificio CIVIMA, but is completely integrated within it. The design has not been plannedfor it to deal with a large production line, as the space available and the equipment do not allow for it. It was originally planned for training use only, from the Escuela Taller Viñas de Manilva on 2011 and 2012, and for the Ciclo Superior de Vitivinicultura, taught in the IES (Secondary School) Las Viñas de Manilva. The current annual capacity is of 6,000 liters approximately.

The cellar has all the essential elements for the modern production of wines: Stainless steel deposits, cooling equipment for fermentation control, stalk stripper, pneumatic press, transfer pump and plaque filters. The processing room also has climate control.

The cellar also comprises a laboratory/practice room, where all the necessary monitoring and testing tasks are carried out, from the grape ripening all the way through to the final bottling.

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