Manilva Grapes
Practically all the vine crops in Manilva are based in the Alejandria Muscatel variety. This white grape is very good for three things: as an eating grape, to make raisins and to produce wines, dry as well as sweet.

As an eating grape, Manilva has great prestige among the traditional markets. Very sweet and very aromatic due to its cultivation in strict dry conditions, its quality makes it more similar to the grapescultivated in wetter conditions rather than to the usual dry conditions in which it is cultivated. The ripening is not uniform, hence the harvesting is done in stages, starting at the beginning of August and finishing during the month of September. The harvesting is done very carefully and gently, selecting those bunches that are perfectly ripe and discarding the ones that don´t fulfill the best conditions. Packaging is an art, as the grapes must be positioned in a specific way, as the fingers must not touch the grains;otherwise, they lose a great deal of freshness and part of their natural beauty. The markets have always been open to Manilva´s grape, as they know its great quality. The most recent harvestingshave been known to generate a mismatch of the grape that has causeda discouragement amongst the farmers. Certain producers that start their harvesting too early or prefer quantity toquality are generating closing markets issues. To the above-mentioned problem, we must make a change in the consume tendency, as nowadays there is a wider offer of summer fruits. Under these circumstances, the producer finds himself in the middle of the harvesting campaign and having to go to sell his produce at any cost, as this variety is very hard to preserve. Some producers decide to sell by the road, under the denominated "sombrajos",small structures built with canes and that provide shelter where the producers sell, from dusk until dawn, the grapes are generally sold in crates of between 2 to 5 kg.

The Vendimia (Harvesting celebrations), the Concurso del Racimo is heldthe first weekend of September.

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