What is special about this Museum or the wine cellar within it?

Both the museum and the cellar are the visible parts of this large and ambitious Project followed by the recuperation of the Manilva vineyards. We don´t want just to sell wine or show a Museum; we are trying to recuperate a way of life, a concept tied to Nature and the fields, showing our respect for the region by attractingquality tourism.

Why it is recommended to visit this Project?

Because it is surprising. Manilva surprises because of its beaches, the last bastion of none urbanized beaches, with protected biological reserves and amazing coves with clear waters. Moreover, its interior isalso surprising, with centenary vines right on the edge of the Costa del Sol, a hub of national and international tourism. Its surroundings are also surprising: within a few kilometers, we find five Natural Parks and six Natural areas of beauty.

Where can I buy NILVA wine?

You can buy NILVA wine in our gift shop and in some wineries on Costa del Sol. The production so far is very limited and doesn´t allow for a large distribution area.

Can I find NILVA wine in restaurants?

Due to its exclusivity and small production, this wine will be found only in restaurants that bet on our exclusive product.

Can I buy this wine in the online shop?

Not at the moment. We are working on our online shop, which will be available soon.

How can I visit the museum?

The museum can be visited in two ways:

  • Unguided visit: no previous booking required. The Museum can be visited within its opening hours, buying a entrance ticket, or
  • Guided tour: Previous booking required through email or by telephone (both in the website).

Can I visit the vineyard and the cellar as unguided visit?

No. These visits need pre-booking and are guided only.

Can I visit the museum with my family? Is it interesting for all ages?

The visit is very interesting for all: the adults with reminisce stories of a time where people lived in tight contact with the land; the younger will learn from the past but they could also discover a new opportunity for their future.

Can the guided tours be made at any time?

Yes. We are available at the times most convenient for you, as long as the staff availability allows it.

Are all visits done in Spanish?

The visits will be done in the language of the group. We have translators available for most languages. In any case, do let us know your requirements.

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