What do we expect for tomorrow...

From this project, we strive for the recuperation of the wine industry in Manilva, and we should:

  • Learn from the past mistakes of years of the real estate boom and bust.
  • Recuperate and dignify agricultural work, as opposed to speculative property activities. We will do this by bringing back optimism within the industry and injecting a thrill for the future with things being properly done, moving forward and forgetting about pessimism and negative experiences of the past.
  • Put in place methods to achieve a more sustainable agriculture, greener, more socially integrating and respectful of the environment that surrounds us.
  • Rejuvenate and re-active the population involved in the industry.
  • Improve the marketing channels to enable thatbenefits stay within the municipality.
  • Knowhow intransmitting to society the virtues of this region, boosting the idea of ecological tourism. Helping to make visible the old town of Manilva as the white and authentic village it is, leveraging its huge potential as tourism attraction, promoting the establishment of new and old local business linked to quality tourism: arts and crafts, accommodation in renovated village houses, restaurants and local gastronomy, etc.
  • Exploring the identity of the Alejandria Muscatel grape and theuniquenessof it being producedin Manilva.
  • And very importantly, the recuperation of the wine industry that should be the booster of the town´s new and future agricultural development. Manilva has the perfect conditions for producing quality white wines that can compete with other wine making regions of both national and worldwide importance. The production of the Alejandria Muscatel grape varietyis renowned for the classic sweet wines of Malaga as the grape produces a wonderful dry white wine, young, fruity and aromatic, according to the demands and feelings of itscurrent consumers. They are the ideal companion for the local gastronomy, with fish as the absolute king; the sloped chalky white soil, known as Albariza,
    is the best guarantee of a producing a high quality product; the age of the vines, of over 50 years old, quite old but still full of life, capable of self-regulating their growth in an optimal way. With a Mediterranean and the Atlantic influence; and a potential consumer market located within a few miles (Costa del Sol or Costa del Golf), economically speakingvery well positioned, and whose tourists are always willing to taste local products and produce.We also believe that as a general society we are more and more worried for the environment that surrounds us and are willing to help out when developing a more sustainable agriculture,while defending the beauty and nature that the vineyards provide. All this makes Manilva a privileged place to be in the world of wine and it is truly an amazing challenge. On a personal note being in a position to contribute to the town recovering its faith in the fields, is even a more amazing challenge.
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