What do we find when we arrive to Manilva?
  • A population with a high unemployment rate.
  • any abandoned vineyards Fields overwhelmed by weeds, where not long ago there were productive vineyards.
  • Unfinished urbanizations, empty, like ghost ships stranded in the middle of the fields.
  • Vineyards handed over to farmers from other regions.
  • Other vineyards in the hands of the few local farmers left, lots of them old and disheartened.
  • The use of herbicides has been imposed, as opposed to the traditional farming.
  • Nostalgia for past better times: Everyone talks about the greatness of Manilva in the past, how well looked after the vineyards were and how good their produce was, the high price of the grapes, of the markets always willing to receive the muscatel grape and of the pride of being a farmer in Manilva.
  • Everyone berates each other for not being able to fulfill the experience of the cooperative venture that was started but was left to decline to nothing.
  • Production based on fresh grapes, where the commercialization is focused with a short term view and where the producers desperately look for the local and immediatemarkets.
  • Selling of fresh grapes to tourists, in sheds by the road.
  • Raisins. Almost all raisins are sold, often at very low prices, in bulk, to marketers from other regions, who label them and sell them as raisins from that region.
  • Wine. Alejandria Muscatel grapes are mostly knownto produce sweet and semi-sweet wines. Most other dry wines are produced by other varieties of grape than Alejandria Muscatel, called Vidueño. Manilva is a town where almost all the inhabitants produce wine and there is even an annual wine contest, sadly,it isnot possible to buy a bottle of legally labeled Manilva wine or even purchase a bottle to drink in any restaurant in the world.
And today, ¿what can we deliver?

We are developing this project and have dedicated our time, effort and money because we are completely convinced in the future of the vineyards and of Manilva. We haven´t got a miracle solution, or are we saying we have aget rich quick scheme, we can´t promise anythingother than that we will carry on working hard, always listening and learning from those who know what this project is all about, from our elder local folk, who are the real protagonists of this project, because they were the ones who originally planted the vineyards and who have kept them alive until now. We want to gather good people around us in this project, positive people and especially those of an entrepreneurial mind and spirit who can contribute withexciting new ideas, people that are not interested in turning our lands into land for property speculation that will only compromise our environment and this project, people that don’t run away with a mind of defeatism but lay bridges to unite a community and an idea, rather than separate it.

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